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There it is: the dreaded roof leak. Roof leaks can be incredibly frustrating for Frisco homeowners who just want to know that their homes are safe and stable.

Common Causes of Leaking Roofs in Frisco

It can be difficult for an untrained person to determine the exact cause of their leaking roof. If you’ve noticed a leak in your home, contact the experts at Helsley Roofing Company in Plano to schedule an appointment for us to check for some of these common causes of roof leaks. 

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Broken or Missing Shingles

Multiple things can cause broken or missing shingles including storm damage and just normal wear and tear. The shingles are the first line of defense for the roof. When shingles are damaged, the rest of the roofing system is at risk and eventually will leak. 

Damaged Flashing

Flashing is the metal strips that help waterproof vulnerable areas of the roof. More specifically, flashing is placed where roof transitions occur. Because the job of flashing is to seal these vulnerable areas, it stands to reason that damaged flashing could result in serious leaks. 

Compromised Vents

Properly functioning roof vents are extremely important to the health of your roof. Generally, compromised vents are the result of normal wear and tear as these vents tend to suffer cracks and gaps from exposure. Sometimes, vents will be damaged in a storm or a contractor will neglect to replace them when repairing or replacing the roof which will lead to leaks.  

Debris Build-Up

Debris build-up can be a big problem for Frisco homeowners looking to avoid roof leaks. It’s very important to avoid letting debris build up either on the roof or in the gutters. When there is a build-up of debris, two things can happen. The first is that the debris itself will hold moisture against the roof, resulting in damaged materials. The second is that water will not be able to run off the roof properly and will eventually leak into places it shouldn’t.  

Damaged Decking

The decking of your roof is the wood underlayment that the roof rests on. Sometimes decking can be damaged without being noticed. As mentioned, the decking is hidden under other parts of the roof system. When the decking is damaged, it can cause problems with structural integrity as well as allow roof leaks.  

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Roof Punctures

This one is probably the easiest for a homeowner to identify on their own, but occasionally roof punctures might go unnoticed if they’re small or in a difficult-to-access area of the roof. They can also be wildly obvious As you can probably guess, a roof puncture is a hole in your 

Water Damage from Roof Leaks

Water, for all its many benefits, is extremely destructive when it’s allowed to enter a home. A leaking roof in your Frisco home can lead to structural damage, mold growth, and other issues. If you notice your roof leaking, it needs to be repaired immediately to avoid causing further damage to the home.  

Has the roof on your Frisco home sprung a leak? Call the roofing experts at Helsley Roofing Company, today, to see what we can do for you!

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